luna agency organises biannual two-day quality training events for the Training and Further Education Department of the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AWF Department). Due to the renewed increase in the number of Covid-19 infections, the department decided for the first time to hold the autumn symposium online. Participants, speakers and sponsors alike had to be professionally instructed according to the live streaming conditions and Covid-19 protection measures. Especially the practical and interactive workshops, which were popular with the participants, had to be implemented as equally as possible in the course of the virtual event.


To meet the different requirements of the various conference formats in the best possible way via live streaming, we created an ideal virtual event concept using high-quality technology and state-of-the-art software for online conferences. From classic lectures including videos, practical demonstrations and interactive workshops to partner recordings and online participant voting, we were able to integrate every type of event smoothly. Our detailed instructions on the numerous options of the individual features enabled all participants to interact intensively with each other and contribute to a high-quality exchange of knowledge.


The participants, speakers, sponsors and organisers were all enthusiastic about the professional implementation of the medical congress, especially under the difficult conditions of the current pandemic and its protective measures. Accordingly, the first online symposium was a great success, and was so convincing that a continuation is planned for future events. The now possible flexible design of the event as a purely live or virtual event, or both (hybrid event), ensures that it can be held safely, even with a higher number of participants and a greater reach for sponsoring partners.