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Sports Event Strategy & Consultancy: Relying on in-depth analysis and targeted research, we provide consulting for sports event marketing and strive to improve existing techniques and encourage the introduction of new approaches. As a successful sports event marketing agency with international operations, we translate visionary goals into sophisticated, well-planned activities. We support sports sponsorships throughout the entire development cycle with a customised strategy, including activities for B2B and B2C markets. This way we are able to provide you with tailor made event strategy concepts of how to successfully engage in sports events. The sky is the limit when it comes to combining emotions, excitement and innovative ideas with multimedia experiences.


Throughout history, partnerships for sport events have played an integral role in many successful corporate business models; taking this to a new level has led to the implementation of luna sports. We identify your perfect match as a partner in sport events. luna sports is your trusted sports event agency, ensuring you score in business by facilitating the event partnership customised to your needs.


We specialise in creating emotional customer experiences involving products, services and personalities as well as creative interaction with the respective audience to increase your ROI. Optimal logo placement, sampling and digital content creation, when customised to fit the occasion and venue, is powerful and can ultimately make your brand shine in a new light. We rely on mobile campaigns, promotions, as well as B2B opportunities to turn your message and image into lasting experiences.


Following our slogan “guest today – delighted client tomorrow”, our luna sports Hospitality team continues to raise the bar in hospitality for some of the most prestigious and sought-after sporting events, including F1™, MotoGP™, ski or Drone Champions League races, tennis tournaments, soccer games or just corporate events. luna sports achieves this by consistently providing a unique and exceptional experience for all guests throughout its sports event portfolio. Starting with the luna sports Hospitality invitation management tool beforehand, all guests will constantly be kept up to date via an SMS service during the actual event.


luna sports is also active as an investor in the sports industry. Our task is to manage, market and develop the asset using and applying the luna sports marketing expertise and tools. We create new opportunities for the asset by exploiting our network, thus increasing the value of the investment.

For instance, for its first investment luna sports picked the Drone Champions League as a promising, innovative “hybrid” of analog and digital sports, becoming shareholder of this highly innovative racing series. This is the first cornerstone towards luna sport’s goal to build up a portfolio of sports rights ownerships.

About us

The luna sports team is establishing successful partnerships between corporates and global sports brands such as MotoGP™, Scuderia AlphaTauri, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and AS Roma. Meanwhile, luna sports proudly provides services to prominent third-party clients, for instance, Formula 1® for the Bond In Motion exhibition.

luna sports is passionately active in uniting the spheres of sports and business by facilitating partnerships between sports teams, events or leagues and corporate. Whether it’s a team sport or an individual sport, national or international, club or event, sports are full of passion, excitement, power and emotion - we ensure a successful sports sponsorship will link the emotions of the sport to your brand. Our aim is to create ROI based partnerships from a B2B and B2C perspective.

We are trusted advisors, providing tailor made solutions and partnership deals for our clients throughout the “sports universe”. In addition, luna sports provides first class hospitality services with a proven track record in soccer, Formula 1®, MotoGP™, tennis and skiing, offering a warm, yet professional personal touch of our luna sports Hospitality team.

eSports is experiencing tremendous growth in terms of viewership, audience interest and advertising expenses; it’s a powerful marketing channel that should be part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. In order to stay one step ahead of the curve and to be able to guide our clients through this innovative path, luna sports has invested in the Drone Champions League (DCL), a symbiosis of analog and eSports. This reflects our constant aim for innovation and improvement.

Our future will take place in both the analog world of live sports events as well as the digital world of eSports. In the end we will find a way to combine the two. What has started in spring 2019 with our acquisition of a stake in the Drone Champions League (DCL), now plays a fundamental role in luna sports’ future as we increasingly become a trusted agency as well as a trusted investor in sports assets.



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